NAMIC® Compensator™ and Perceptor Manifolds

It's easier - re-zeroing and debubbling in a sterile field with a single operator, instead of two. It's better - a 389% increase in waveform fidelity. It's more flexible - you can take pressure readings at any level. The Compensator™ Manifold puts greater control in your hand and take efficiency to a whole new level.

Fewer Turns 

The Compensator™ requires fewer stopcock manipulations

100% Confidence 

Every transducer is tested for accuracy. The patented swaged rotating adaptor provides strength and flexibility to the catheter connection

Easier Operation 

Single operator-controlled re-zeroing and debubbling is easier than the typical two-operator system

Multiple Port Options and Configurations 

  • On-handle
  • Off-handle
  • Right-handed
  • Left-handed
  • Medium pressure
  • High pressure  

Device Illustration

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Compensator™ Manifold
Uni-body manifold with integral transducer used with a pressure monitoring line (PML)
- Zero balance at heart level
- Take pressure readings at any level during procedures
389% Increase in Waveform Fidelity
The Compensator™ outperforms pole-mounted transducers by moving the transducer closer to the patient's heart. Placing the transducer nearer to the source of pressure enhances waveform fidelity.
Pressure Readings at Any Level
The pressure monitoring line (PML) compensates for manifold movement to maintain constant pressure readings.
Multiple Port Options and Configurations
On-handle, Off-handle, Right-handed, Left-handed, Medium pressure, High pressure