NAMIC® Closed Fluid Systems

Transmission of bloodborne pathogens is always a concern in your lab. Navilyst Medical provides Closed Fluid Systems to help your lab comply with OSHA guidelines and minimize exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Our OSHA-compliant solutions simplify set-up and clean-up, reduce procedure time and minimize contact with contaminated fluids.

Protection Station® Closed Fluid System for Non-pressurized Fluid Applications

  • Administers clean saline and collects blood waste.
  • Makes clean-up and disposal safe and easy .
  • Shortens procedure time.

Protection Station® Closed Fluid System for Pressurized Fluid Applications

  • Conveniently attaches directly to NAMIC® manifold.
  • Provides automatic catheter flushing.
  • Automatically fills syringes.
  • Designed to help reduce bubble formation.

Protection Station® Closed Fluid System with Bifurcated Saline Line

  • Conveniently attaches directly to MORSE manifold.
  • Dual access to saline and off-manifold access to ANGIO-SAC® closed fluid system.
  • Available for pressurized and non-pressurized applications.

Protection Station® Plus Closed Fluid System

  • Administers saline and contrast and safely collects blood waste.
  • Simplifies set-up and shortens procedure time.
  • Ideal for radiology procedures.

Add to a Convenience Kit

  • Attached to a manifold or off-line.
  • In-line stopcocks for access to saline or ANGIO-SAC® collection system.
  • Pressuized or non-pressurized applications.
  • Bifurcated lines for dual access to saline or ANGIO-SAC collection system. 

Device Illustration

NAMIC Protection Station

Image Gallery

How the NAMIC® Protection Station® Works - Injection
Key features: Dual back check valve allows access to saline and waste
Available for pressurized and non-pressurized saline sources
1-way valve leading into Angio-Sac® Waste Bag opens, allowing the passage of bodily fluids while the valve to the saline closes
How the NAMIC® Protection Station Works - Aspiration
Key Feature: Conveniently attaches to manifold with adaptor
As syringe is drawn back, 1-way valve leading to saline opens, filling syringe, while the valve to the Angio-Sac® Waste Bag closes