NAMIC® Perceptor® DT Disposable Transducers

100% Tested.  Advanced Technology.  Accurate Results.

Perceptor® DT Disposable Transducers from Navilyst Medical are designed specifically for interventional cardiology and radiology labs and represent state-of-the-art technology. The rigors of the lab demand consistent accuracy, and Perceptor® DT Transducers are designed to deliver the first time, every time.

Reliable Connections

  • Keyed cable connectors provide secure connection
  • Flexible cable designed not to coil back or interfere with procedure 

Laser-trimmed Resistors

  • Ensures more accurate waveforms 

Advanced Diagnostic Tool

  • Provides precise waveform fidelity

Clear Fluid Pathway

  • Provides precise waveform fidelity

Device Illustration

NAMIC Perceptor DT Disposable Transducers

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100% Tested
Every transducer is tested for accuracy