Mini Stick II™ Peelable Microintroducer Kits

Designed for Less Traumatic, Efficient Vascular Entry to Meet Your Procedural Needs

Locking Tapered Sheath/Dilator

  • Peelable locking sheath/dilator with funneled lead-in
  • Smooth sheath transition
  • Tapered to facilitate vascular entry and reduce risk of sheath kinking
  • Patented ergonomic hub design and PTFE sheath for easy, predictable peeling

0.018” Nitinol Guidewire

  • Incorporates soft tip to help reduce risk of vessel trauma
  • Choice of radiopaque tip to enhance fluoroscopic visibility
  • Designed to be kink resistant to facilitate placement and for procedural efficiency

Choice of Introducer Needles

  • 21 Gauge Standard Needle and/or Safety Needle
  • Echogenic tip designed to enhance ultrasound visualization
  • Sharp needle for smooth vascular access
  • Needle Bevel Indicator to properly orient needle
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Mini Stick II™ Peelable Microintroducer Kits