Xcela® Hybrid PICC with PASV® Valve Technology

Three lumens.

Two valves.

One reliable way to monitor CVP.

The Xcela Hybrid PICC is the first and only triple lumen PICC with two valved lumens incorporating our proprietary PASV Valve Technology and a dedicated non-valved lumen for precise CVP monitoring. With this innovative design, you now have one catheter giving you the benefits of two.

Three Lumens, Two Valves 

Two valved lumens with our PASV Valve Technology designed to prevent blood reflux that could lead to catheter-related complications. One dedicated non-valved lumen designed for precise CVP monitoring.

Short Reverse Taper

Designed to minimize blood loss at the insertion site

Large Inner Lumen Diameter

Designed to maximize flow rates and minimize risk of occlusions

Advanced Polyurethane Material

Provides alcohol resistance for insertion site care and maintenance

Catheter Shaft Construction

Designed to provide predictable power injection, combined with a power injectable lumen that can achieve 6 mL/sec maximum flow rate

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Xcela® Hybrid PICC with PASV® Valve Technology