Embarc® Microcatheters

Experience the new standard.

We’ve designed a catheter with total performance in mind. From tip to hub, enhancements have been made to every element along the catheter.

Multiple-Layer Braided Construction

  • Engineered tapered transition offers proximal advancement with distal flexibility for superselective access in tortuous anatomy
  • Platinum/Iridium and stainless steel braided shaft for enhanced visibility, kink resistance and optimal catheter stability in embolic delivery and power injection
  • Extruded PTFE liner for smooth guidewire and embolic interface
  • 1000 psi injection pressure

GLYCE™ Hydrophilic Coating

  • Ultra-durable hydrophilic coated outer surface increases trackability and enhances vessel navigation

Strain Relief and Overmolded Clear Hub

  • Inner coiled strain relief for improved kink resistance
  • Unique hub design with contoured wing for precise catheter control
  • Hub facilitates smooth delivery and confirmation of embolic material and chemotherapeutic agents

Radiopaque Lumen and RO Marker

  • Platinum Iridium provides high visibility under fluoroscopy
  • Swaged RO marker for dimensional control and navigation

Atraumatic Distal Tip

  • Formed distal tip designed for improved trackability and vessel selection
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Embarc® Microcatheters
Designed with total catheter performance in mind.
Charter Guidewire
Designed to provide the control and precision required for your peripheral vascular needs
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