Vaxcel® PICCs

The Vaxcel® PICC is a non-valved catheter intended for short- or long-term infusion therapy. It is available in a variety of configurations to satisfy the needs of the inserter.

  • Vaxcel® PICCs are designed for image-guided placement.  Enhanced radiopacity is designed for improved visualization when using fluoroscopic guidance for insertion and for tip confirmation via chest x-ray.
  • Vaxcel® PICCs incorporate a reverse taper extrusion, which is designed for improved kink resistance.  In addition, the reverse taper is intended to provide greater pushability for easier placement.
  • The catheter body’s large lumen diameters are designed to provide greater flow rates at lower pressures and minimize the risk of catheter occlusion. 
  • Users may also benefit from the clear extension tubes offered by the Vaxcel® PICC design.  These are intended to provide early visualization of blood return.
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Vaxcel® PICC
Vaxcel® PICC