Vaxcel® Plus Chronic Dialysis Catheter

The Vaxcel® Plus Catheter technology enhances durability and improves ease of care. With a product design that facilitates placement, promotes high blood flow and enhances catheter security, the Vaxcel® Plus Chronic Dialysis Catheter is designed to provide for excellent patient care.

  • The tapered Carbothane® Material Catheter Extrusion of Vaxcel® Plus Dialysis Catheter is an alcohol-resistant material designed to provide biocompatibility, durability, flexibility and ease of care. It is designed to facilitate placement, improve kink resistance and reduce the need for catheter manipulation and replacement.
  • The enhanced polyester cuff design has a longer cuff area, providing increased surface area. It is designed to enhance placement security and reduce the risk of dislodgment.
  • The 14.5 Fr shaft combines excellent materials and engineering, and is designed to provide flow vs. pressure characteristics that enhance patient comfort and improve dialysis efficiency.
  • Printed hubs reference product name and catheter length, as well as priming volume, which facilitates care and maintenance.
  • The tapered, round single shaft is designed to allow an easier insertion than oval, dual or split catheters.
  • Staggered lumen tips are designed to separate inflow from outflow, reducing recirculation risk.
  • The thin-walled, double-D polyurethane extrusion is designed to improve the cross-sectional area, as well as bloodflow.
  • The Vaxcel® Plus Chronic Dialysis Catheter is conveniently packaged, organizing equipment in an accessible tray. Options include a catheter tray, or a full kit tray that contains a safety needle and a safety scalpel.
  • A range of catheter lengths provides the ability to meet various anatomical requirements.

Device Illustration

 Vaxcel Plus Chronic Dialysis Catheter

Device Highlights

1. Printed hubs

2. Enhanced polyester cuff

3. Tapered, round single shaft

4. Staggered lumen tips

Additional Information

*Data from Navilyst Medical performance testing on file, Navilyst Medical. 

Image Gallery

Double-D Polyurethane Extrusion
The thin-walled, double-D polyurethane extrusion is designed to improve the cross-sectional area, and improve blood flow.
Convenient Packaging
Vaxcel® Plus Catheter is available in either a catheter tray or a full kit tray, organizing required equipment in an accessible tray
Dialysis Catheter: Inserted
An inserted Vaxcel® Plus Chronic Dialysis Catheter.
Improved Kink Resistance
The response of various catheters to placing 3" of catheter into a 1" diameter curve beginning 0.5" from cuff.*
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