Who We Are

Our Name

Navilyst: (pr. nav-il-ist) Noun.
Navilyst combines the navi– of navigation and the –lyst of catalyst. This contemporary medical lexicon powerfully encapsulates the essence of how a leading enterprise drives innovation.

Our Strategic Intent

Navilyst Medical will be the choice provider of innovative solutions for image-guided interventions delivering superior outcomes and reducing healthcare costs for medical professionals and their patients.

Our Values  
Customer Focus We are focused on customer value, customer advocacy, and the relentless pursuit to exceed customer expectations.
Entrepreneurial We vigorously promote new enterprise, venture, and ideas to achieve the extraordinary.
Change Agent We change to be successful always looking ahead to be better, quicker, and smarter. We constantly challenge the status quo. We embrace new approaches, directions, and strategies.
Collaboration We treat everyone with a baseline of respect and dignity. We never put our own interests above the team or company -  not a self-promoter.
Results Driven We have a penchant for getting things done. We have a high achievement orientation and always deliver on commitments.
Integrity We operate without hidden agendas. We are always honest, credible, and forthright in our approach. We always operate with the highest ethical standards.
Resilient We bounce back quickly when faced with adversity. We are willing to take on tough challenges and turn them into opportunities.
Initiative and Ownership We demonstrate a bias for action at all times. We are proactive in moving the organization forward and taking personal responsibility for delivering on commitments.

Xcela® Power Injectable Ports
For clinicians who seek power injectability, Navilyst Medical’s new Xcela® Power Injectable Ports deliver the widest array of port options to satisfy the demands of physician preferences and patient characteristics.


EZ Huber® Safety Infusion Set
A unique dual-action safety mechanism reduces exposure to bloodborne pathogens. The safety shield prevents accidental needle sticks followed by a protective cover which surrounds the entire needle after withdrawal to contain aerosolized or splattered infusion fluids and blood. The EZ Huber® Safety Infusion Set is compatible with any standard or power injectable port, including our new Xcela® Power Injectable Port and is rated for up to 5mL/sec at 300 psi for contrast-enhanced CT imaging procedures.