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Please be advised, effective January 21st, 2014, AngioDynamics and Navilyst Medical will merge under one unified business information system.This will impact the way our customers order products. All  products in the AngioDynamics portfolio will now have universal part numbers. To avoid business interruptions, please visit our resource materials, herein, for further information and updates required.

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Navilyst Medical Corporate Headquarters

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Navilyst Medical Manufacturing

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Xcela® Power Injectable Ports
For clinicians who seek power injectability, Navilyst Medical’s new Xcela® Power Injectable Ports deliver the widest array of port options to satisfy the demands of physician preferences and patient characteristics.


EZ Huber® Safety Infusion Set
A unique dual-action safety mechanism reduces exposure to bloodborne pathogens. The safety shield prevents accidental needle sticks followed by a protective cover which surrounds the entire needle after withdrawal to contain aerosolized or splattered infusion fluids and blood. The EZ Huber® Safety Infusion Set is compatible with any standard or power injectable port, including our new Xcela® Power Injectable Port and is rated for up to 5mL/sec at 300 psi for contrast-enhanced CT imaging procedures.