Navigator® BioNavigation® System

Pointing Confidence in the Right Direction

The Navigator® BioNavigation® System and Xcela® Power Injectable PICCs with PASV® Valve Technology combine to give you confidence when placing PICCs and determining tip direction. With enhanced features, the Navigator® System is designed to help improve patient safety, PICC insertion procedures and costs.

The Navigator® BioNavigation® System is designed
to provide the confidence you need when placing
PICCs and may help to:

  • Reduce radiation exposure, both x-ray and fluoroscopy
  • Reduce the incidence of malpositioned PICCs
  • Reduce catheter repositioning post x-ray
  • Reduce the cost of vascular access by potential reduction of:
    • – Multiple confirmatory x-rays
    • – Multiple sterile field set-ups and associated procedure time
    • – Necessity of fluoroscopy use

BioNavigation® and Navigator® are registered trademarks of Corpak MedSystems, Inc.

Image Gallery

Tip Location
Audible tone confirms tip location, while illuminated arrow indicates tip direction.
Redesigned Case
New foam insert allows for continuous cable connection, increased protection and easier access to equipment.