NAMIC® Angiographic Control Syringes

Navilyst Medical offers a full line of Angiographic Control Syringes to help meet ever changing healthcare demands. In addition to 10 mL, 12 mL and 20 mL syringe sizes, Navilyst Medical's new Saver-7 and Acceler-8 Angiographic Control Syringes incorporate a slim barrel design. Like their predecessors, these syringes are designed to require less force during injections with smoother injections and aspirations.* Features and benefits of these new syringes include:

Clear Polycarbonate Design

  • Enables visualization of air bubbles

Barrel Design

  • Requires less force for contrast injections
  • Provides smoother injections and aspirations

Split Collar Retention

  • Prevents inadvertent plunger pull-out during normal use

Swaged Rotating Adaptor

  • Provides secure catheter connection

Large 0.105" ID Tip Lumen

  • Provides less resistance during injection and aspiration

Available with 0.5 mL Reservoir

  • Prevents stopper from bottoming out during injection

Comparative Benchtop Testing*

*Testing performed by Navilyst Medical with data on file. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.

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Saver-7™ and Acceler-8™ Angiographic Control Syringes
are available single sterile or in your Fluid Management Convenience Kit.
Angiographc Control Syringes
10, 12 and 20 mL
Pen and Medication Label Set
Polypropylene labels are pre-printed with medication names for convenience. Blank labels are included along with a smear-resistant permanent marker.